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North County Canine Training

Decoy Skills and Development Course

Decoy Skills and Development Course

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Join us for an intensive three-day Decoy Development Course, led by renowned dog trainer Dustin Winn and guest instructor Stephan Herceg! This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of decoy work and its crucial role in dog training. Whether you are a professional dog trainer, a working dog handler, or simply passionate about canine training, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in decoy work.

Course Details:

April 19th: 7am - 3pm at training facility

April 20th: 9:30 am - 3pm at Willow Grove County Park, Fallbrook

April 21st: 7:00 am - 3pm at training facility

Course Topics:

  1. Grip Development: Learn effective techniques to develop and enhance a dog's grip, an essential aspect of successful decoy work. Explore various methods to improve grip strength and bite placement for optimal training outcomes.

  2. Equipment: Gain insights into selecting and utilizing appropriate equipment for decoy work. Understand the significance of choosing the right bite sleeves, suits, and other gear for different training scenarios.

  3. Prey vs Defense: Dive into the concepts of prey and defense drives and their significance in decoy work. Discover strategies to effectively leverage these drives to elicit desired responses from the dogs.

  4. Targeting: Master the art of targeting and directing a dog's attention during training exercises. Learn techniques to enhance focus, precision, and control while working as a decoy.

  5. Agitation Techniques: Understand the importance of controlled and purposeful agitation to stimulate a dog's drive and response. Develop skills to generate the desired level of intensity and engagement during training sessions.

  6. Environmental Use: Explore the role of the training environment in decoy work. Learn how to utilize different environments to enhance a dog's training experience and prepare them for real-life scenarios.

  7. Progression into PSA: Discover the path to progressing from decoy work to Protection Sports Association (PSA) competitions. Gain insights into the specific requirements, techniques, and strategies involved in preparing for PSA trials.


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