Professional Dog Training and Consultations

We are certified professional dog trainers located in Southern California. We believe in building a solid bond between you and your pet through clear communication and consistent training.

Rattlesnake Season is here!

With rattlesnake aversion training, you can help protect your pet from a dangerous situation.

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  • Our Training Theory

    The training techniques and education we provide are based on animal learning theory and the study of canine behavior. The theory is simple:

    "Behaviors that are reinforced will continue. Behaviors that are not reinforced through the withholding of a reward or a physical correction will eventually be abandoned."

  • The Four Quadrants of Training Dogs

    Reassurance, Discovery, Correction, and Reinforcement

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainers

    Our rigorous hiring process ensures that our company provides you with the best trainers in Southern California.

    We regularly send all of our training staff to seminars and ensure they are up-to-date with the best training practices for you and your pets.